Terms and Conditions

In the below terms and conditions,  Aurora Bellydance Entertainment, the provider of entertainment, is referred to as “the agency”, and the recipient of entertainment is referred to as “the customer”. The performer delivering the entertainment is referred to as “the performer”.

These terms and conditions are readily available on the website and a link is provided for the customer to read the terms and conditions when an invoice is sent to the customer. If the customer subsequently decides to book entertainment services with the agency after receiving our invoice, and makes payment to the agency to confirm a booking, they automatically agree to abide by the terms and conditions set here.



  • When the customer makes a booking request, the agency then offers options of performers to the customer, discussing his/her requirements, and subsequently sends an invoice to the customer by email. The invoice contains details of the package chosen, the date and time for the performance to start, the address where the performance is to take place, and the fees agreed for the performance and any travel expenses if applicable.
  • The customer can choose to pay by Bacs, cheque, Paypal, or by credit/debit card using Paypal. (using Paypal will incur a fee of £5). Once the agency receives payment, a member of staff will confirm the booking with the performer and send  an email confirmation with details of the performer to the customer. The agency pays its performers a few days after the customer’s event (every Tuesdays).
  • We typically invoice customers for the full amount in advance if the invoice amount is under £400. For larger bookings we send an invoice for a deposit and a second invoice after the event for customers to settle the balance payment within 7 days. If your booking is under £400 and you wish to settle the invoice in two payments anyway then please let us know and we can accommodate.
  • It is recommended to make the full payment or deposit payment as applicable within 5 days of the issue of the invoice to ensure the performer’s availability. The agency’s performers receive several requests a day and their availability changes constantly. Once the customer has chosen a performer he/she would like to book and the agency sends the customer an invoice, the agency asks the performer to try and save the date and time for this booking free for a period of 5 days to give the customer enough time to confirm the booking.


  • The start time for the performance agreed on the invoice must be respected by the customer and the performer.
  • If the customer wishes to modify the start time of the performance prior to the date of the event, he/she must contact the agency. If the performer can change the time then the new agreed time will be confirmed in writing by email to both the performer and the customer. If however the performer cannot change the time, the initially agreed time will need to be respected.
  • If the event is running late (or early) on the day of the performance, the customer may contact the performer directly to enquire whether a slight time change would be possible. The performer will try and accommodate but has no obligation to do so, and if a time change is not possible the initially agreed start time must be respected.
  • If the customer wishes to make any other modifications prior to or on the date of the performance, he/she must inform the agency immediately for approval. approval may be granted at the agency’s discretion.


  • If the performer is unable to reach the venue and perform due to Act of God and situations out of their control, such as weather conditions or public transport and road conditions, the performance will be cancelled and the agency will refund any payments made by the customer in full within 4 working days.
  • The agency reserves the right to cancel a performance at any time and for any reason, and will refund any payments made by the customer in full within 4 working days.
  • If the customer wishes to cancel a booking, he/she needs to do so by email correspondence to the agency. If the booking cancellation is made 60 days or more before the performance is due, a full refund of payments made by the customer will be issued within 4 working days . If the booking cancellation is made 30 days or more before the performance is due, the agency will only retain 50% of the booking fees as payment, and any refunds would be sent within 4 working days. If booking cancellation is made less than 30 days before the performance is due, the agency will retain 100% of the booking fees as payment, and if the customer had only paid a deposit, the balance payment will be required within 7 days after the performance was originally due.


  • The customer must ensure suitable changing commodities are provided at the venue. This may be a private room or a clean toilet cubicle.
  • The customer must ensure the performer’s belongings are kept in a safe place during the performance.
  • In case of a male-only audience, the customer must explicitly indicate this on the online booking form so that performers are informed of this when offered the performance job.
  • If a performer arrives at the venue to perform, finds a male-only crowd, which the agency hadn’t been informed of, she/he may decide not to perform, leave the premises and no refund will be issued from the agency. The performer will receive her/his full payment.
  • The customer is responsible for the performer’s wellbeing during performances.
  • If a performer encounters inappropriate behaviour from a member of the audience, she/he may abort the performance and leave the premises. No refund will be issued from the agency. The performer will receive her/his full payment.
  • If the venue for the performance is not walking distance to a train or tube station (i.e. over 15-minute walk), and the performer is traveling by public transport (i.e: not driving), the customer will be responsible for organising and paying for transport to and from the nearest train or tube station. This is in addition and not included in performance and travel expenses fees agreed on the invoice. When a booking enquiry is made, if the postcode of the venue provided is not within walking distance, the agency typically informs the customer of which performers available would drive, and which would take public transport so that the customer can make an informed decision on which performer to book.


  • The agency gives permission to the audience to take videos and photos of the performances, provided they are only used as party souvenirs, and not for commercial purposes.
  • The agency will ask for compensation if the videos and photos of the performances are used for commercial purposes.

vi. MISC

  • The performer may be accompanied by a friend or helper on the day of the performance.
  • The performer may occasionally bring a photographer or videographer on the day of the performance to record her/his performance. If you do not wish the performance and the audience to be filmed or photographed you must contact the agency so the performer can be made aware of this.
  • Tipping is not expected by performers but very welcome during or after the performance. During a bellydancing performance it is perfectly acceptable to place tips around the Bellydancer’s skirt. For other types of performers it may be more suitable to offer tips after the performance.


  • If the customer is not satisfied with the services and entertainment he/she hired, he/she may log a complaint by email and the agency will look into the complaint immediately within 24 hours. Customers must state clearly in the email the following information: the date of the event, the reason for the complaint with a detailed summary of what happened, and the outcome the customer would expect from his/her complaint to be satisfied and consider the matter settled.
  • Complaints must be logged at the latest by midday on the Tuesday following the customer’s event. If the complaint is logged past the deadline of midday on the Tuesday following the customer’s event, the agency will still look into the complaint but there will be no possibility of refund to be issued.
  • If the customer is not satisfied with our services and has logged a complaint by midday on the Tuesday following the customer’s event, the agency will look into the matter and take action as deemed necessary. Actions may include discount vouchers for future bookings, partial refunds, or full refunds as seems appropriate.