FAQs Aurora Bellydance

Will the performer bring her/his own music?

Yes performers will bring their music on a CD. Customers must provide an adequate music system to play the CD. If you require the performer to bring music on a different support (ipod, phone…) then please inform us in advance. Alternatively if you have already planned for a live band our performers can also perform to live music if you wish to.

How does payment work?

Once you decide to book a performer with us we will email you an invoice with payment details. You can choose to pay by Bacs, cheque, Paypal, or by credit/debit card using Paypal. (using Paypal will incur a fee of £5). Once we have received your payment we will confirm the booking with the performer and send you an email confirmation with details of the performer. We pay our performers a few days after the event (every Tuesdays).

We typically invoice customers for the full amount in advance if the invoice amount is under £400. For larger bookings we send an invoice for a deposit and a second invoice after the event for customers to settle the balance payment within 7 days. If your booking is under £400 and you wish to settle the invoice in two payments anyway then please let us know and we can accommodate

Who do I contact on the day, the office or the performer?

Once your booking is confirmed the performer will receive a booking confirmation with all the details of the event, as well as the telephone number of the event organizer. The event organizer will also receive a booking confirmation with the name and contact details of the performer. On the day of the performance you can contact the performer directly but should you also need to contact us, a member of staff is always on call during performance times, including weekends and evenings on mobile 07910 381 895. Prior to the performance date you may also contact the performer directly if you wish to regarding any particular queries related to the performance (such as music…), and you may also contact us on the office number 0208 133 1153 or mobile 07910 381 895. Any questions just give us a call or send us an email and it will be our pleasure to assist.

How much space does the performer need?

Our performers have performed at thousands of events, both big and small and are always happy to adapt to whatever space is available. It is not uncommon for the performer to have very little space at all when friends are gathered at someone’s house for a birthday party. Space is therefore not a big concern, however it is better if you tell us what space the performer can expect so that she/he can plan the performance accordingly.  If the space allows the performer may plan to use props for example. Fan veils and veils would require 2sqm, Isis wings and sword 3sqm, glow-in-the-dark poi 4sqm, and fire poi 6sqm. If the ceiling is particularly low or has many chandeliers in the way then this would also be useful information.

Are the Bellydancers Turkish/Egyptian?

Our Bellydancers are from all around the world, bringing us flavours from all continents. Each dancer has her/his own style and this means that every time you book with us you are guaranteed a new experience. If you are looking for a particular traditional style, whether it be Turkish, Egyptian, Iranian bandari…etc… our dancers will plan their performance accordingly. Contact us to discuss your exact needs and we will find the best suitable bellydancer for your event. You can read our bellydancers’ individual profiles by clicking on individual thumbnails from this page.

Are your performers suitable for family events with children?

Our performers’ golden rule is to perform for and with a given crowd, so they will always adapt their shows according to the public, the venue, and any other requirements stated by the customer. Our performers do not perform a set show. Our performers perform for their public and interact with the audience.
Our performers deliver very family-friendly types of entertainment and have interacted with both smaller children and much older generations, and are very comfortable in any given situation. You may want to read some of the latest reviews from past customers here.

Do you charge extra for travel?

Travel expenses may be included or may need to be added. This will vary according to the venue’s location and the performers’ location. Details of travel expenses will be provided alongside the performers’ availability.

Can we tip the Bellydancer?

You and your guests may tip the Bellydance if you wish to. It is perfectly acceptable to place notes around the Bellydancer’s skirt for tips. Tips are not expected but very welcome.

What happens if the dancer is ill or injures herself/himself last minute?

In the unfortunate event that a performer is unwell on the day of the performance we will immediately aim to find a covering performer so that your event is not affected. Most of the time we are able to do so as we work with so many performers, especially if your event is in or around London. In the rare occasions when we cannot arrange a covering performer in time we will fully reimburse your booking within 4 days. However we would always try everything possible to find a covering performer and this is only a last resort option. A member of staff is always on call on performance days, including weekends and evenings to assist with any such emergencies.

What if we are not pleased with the performance?

We welcome feedback from all our customers as it helps us improve the services we offer, you can leave feedback on this page.
If however you wish to log a complaint please email us and we will look into the complaint immediately. Complaints must be logged at the latest by midday on the Tuesday following your event. Please state clearly in your email: the date of the event, the reason for the complaint with a detailed summary of what happened, and the outcome you would expect from this complaint to be satisfied. Customers’ satisfaction is important to us and we always aim to deliver outstanding service and performances. If you are not satisfied with our services then we will look into the matter and take action as deemed necessary.

Our FAQs Aurora Bellydance section should have answered most, if not all, your questions, but do feel free to contact us for any further queries on +44(0)208 133 1153 or bookings@AuroraBellydance.com