About us & Belly Dancer Hire

Aurora Entertainment UK provides quality and affordable Belly Dancer Hire entertainment. Both Private and Corporate events are welcome. We have been trading since 2008. Events we cater for range from small birthday parties in private homes, to large-scale events at famous venues.

Who we are and what we do

Aurora Entertainment UK only works with the UK’s most-talented Belly Dancers, Fire Dancers, and Snake Performers. This ensures we can bring a genuine taste of the East to private and corporate events across the UK.

The majority of our Belly Dancer Hire enquiries are London-based. We do cater for UK-wide events as well.

We always carefully recruit our Performers. This is with a view to offer a varied range of styles, techniques, colours and props to customers. With so much choice and so much talent you can be sure to find the perfect performer for your party.

We have extensive contacts within the industry and can fulfill any Belly Dancer Hire requests, even on last-minute situations.

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Our Mission

Our top priority is to wow your guests, but also and most importantly to entertain your guests and ensure they are having a good time.

We always combine both a Show and an Interaction part in all our packages. We believe they are the perfect mix for a successful and memorable party. We want all your guests to have fun and have everyone shimmy the night away!

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Why book with us

We are known for our mesmerising performances, and for being professional and reliable at all times.

Our customers come back year after year because they know they can trust us. Many new customers come to us after having been let down last-minute.

Our customers like to know that there is always someone on duty call during performance times. This includes evenings and weekends so we can assist in case of emergencies. Mobile: 07910 381 895.

Contact us today for Belly Dancer Hire enquiries.

Belly Dancer Hire

Belly Dancer Hire

Fun & Unusual Anecdotes…

We always welcome new opportunities. We have had some unusual bookings over the years. These include:

  • There is a restaurant in London called “Dans le Noir”. It offers diners the experience of dining in a pitch dark environment. They could hear the Belly Dancer’s coin belts all around them whilst their senses were already in alert. Waiters working at the restaurant are visually impaired. The Belly dancer had to hold onto the waiter’s shoulder to dance among the tables.
  • A customer once challenged us to perform a sword balancing act on a cruising party boat on the Thames. This was definitely a hit!
  • We organised a Belly Dancing performance in a tiny flat on the 17th floor of a tower block in Tower Hill.
  • Residents at a nursing home in north London loved their Middle-Eastern themed afternoon.
  • Uneven and sloping ground at a garden party is never ideal for dancing. Doing a fan spinning routine is even harder.
  • Dancing at Notting Hill Festival was a treat. However freezing temperatures in mid-December was a challenge.
  • Dancing among shoppers at crowded Selbys and Selfridges Department stores.
  • Performing for a 50th surprise birthday party in a tiny studio flat. there were over 60 guests crammed in one tiny room.
  • Teaching a group of 7-year-olds how to do hip and chest drops for a Birthday party.
  • Performing in a school’s play ground.

We have performed in some of London’s top venues. Gordon Ramsay’s Claridge’s. The Absolut Ice Bar. Dans le Noir. Café de Paris. Park Lane London Hilton. the Landmark Hotel. And many more…