Belly Dancer Charity & Fundraising

Aurora Bellydance UK always welcomes opportunities to support charities and help with fundraising events. Our performers have taken part in numerous Belly Dancer Charity & Fundraising events since 2008. Depending on date, time, location and the charity itself, we would typically offer a 10% Belly Dancer Charity discount, which could go up to 50% on some occasions. Contact us with more details about your event for a customised discount and quotation on or 0208 133 1153

Belly Dancer Charity events organised by Aurora, the owner of Aurora Entertainment UK

-Mid-Dec 2011 – mid-Jan 2011: Aurora volunteered with the NGO Friends of Women Ghana, helping local disadvantaged women start up their own small businesses.

-September 2010: Aurora organised “Spellbound Cabaret Charity Show 2010” and raised just under £1,000 for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Spellbound Cabaret Charity Show Video footage (Short Film Company).

Spellbound Cabaret Charity Show 2010 Line-up.


Belly Dancer Charity events where we performed

Aurora and her performers have also taken part in several fundraising events to support the following charities and projects:

-The Dreams Factory

-Pakistan Relief

-Their Future Today

-Heroes Now

-Pink Breast Cancer

-Future DSUK Team entry for Regional and National Sailing events for deaf people

-and many more…

Belly Dancer Charity event

Belly Dancer Charity event